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No Contract Cell Phone Plans

Something big is starting to happen in the cell phone industry that can no longer be ignored by the big wireless carriers. Increasing numbers of customers are discovering you don’t have to opt for the typical two year contract. In fact, now there’s a choice!

Here’s how the game works (and how to beat ‘em at their own game)!

Big carriers specialize in selling the latest whiz bang phones that everyone loves. Most folks want the “cool” phone so badly they’re willing to sign a contract to get the phone for a big discount in return for staying with big wireless for two more years. That’s a total rip off of you because the average cell phone bill for talk, text and internet is now well over $125!

How to beat ‘em:

Buy your cell phone from a company that SPECIALIZES in no contract cell phone plans! Makes sense doesn’t it? So who are these plans that specialize in no contract plans. There are a few but the best by far is Lightyear Wireless. Why Lightyear?

Lightyear specializes in no contract cell phones and they offer national coverage. Lightyear has parterned with two of the major carriers to use their transmission towers. Lightyear offers true unlimted talk, text and internet (with no caps on data for 3G or 4G) for $59.99 per month! The other no contract carriers have inferior coverage and they upcharge for many standard services already included in Lightyear’s $59.99. And yes, at Lightyear you can port your current cell number over. You will need to buy a Lightyear phone….click here to see Lightyear’s cell phone selection.

It gets better though! Lightyear offers the You + 5 program. When you refer five friends to Lightyear, your service is FREE and it remains free forever as long as you have 5 or more friends referred by you! It’s hard to beat free. Check it all out at Lightyesar’s website by clicking here.

As you may have noticed from my website, we are always looking for those interested and motivated in building a cell phone business as a Lightyear Representative. If you’re interested in discovering how to get FREE cell phone service as a representative & HUGE residual profits just click here.


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